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Getting started


Ensure that JRE 1.8 or higher is installed in your system. Also ensure that 8080 TCP port is free.


Download MSI installer from releases page. Double click on it. Currently installer is unsigned. It leads to red alert during installation. Do not afraid: it's OK.

Linux and macOS

We've prepared universal installation script. Just run this command in your terminal.

curl -sL | bash

Write your first Pravda Program

Importing Project Template

To use project template you will need .NET Core SDK 2.1.
Create a directory for your project and run inside it:

dotnet new -i Expload.PravdaProgramTemplate
dotnet new pravdaprogram --namespace MyTeam --version 1.0.0 --name HelloProgram 

Now your directory contains: - HelloProgram.cs - main program file. By default it contains simple program with HelloWorld method - HelloProgram.csproj - project configuration. It includes scripts for compiling and deployment, as well as .NET dependencies & metadata - - feel free to consult it whenever you feel confused

You can also check the section Hello, World that contains a more complex sample of a Pravda program.

Compiling the Program

To compile C# code into pravda binary run:

dotnet publish -c Debug

Now you have MyProject.pravda in your project directory.
You can use local node and Pravda CLI commands to deploy to a local node or proceed further to work with Expload Playground.

Deploying to Expload Playground

Preparing wallets

If you have no a wallet.json yet

First, you have to generate a wallet and put it into wallet.json file.

pravda gen address -o wallet.json

Then use Playground-Faucet to accrue some XPlatinum on your wallet.

If you already have a wallet which has enough XPlatinum for deployment operation

Just put your wallet into wallet.json file in current folder.

Note. If you don't have enough XPlatinum, just get some funds with using Playground-Faucet.

If you have no a program-wallet.json yet

Generate a wallet and put it into program-wallet.json file.

pravda gen address -o program-wallet.json

Open program-wallet.json file and remember address field - it's your future program's address.

If you already have a program-wallet.json

Just put your program's wallet into program-wallet.json into the current folder.


Finally, run:

dotnet publish -c Deploy

Now your program is on the Expload Playground net!

If you want to update program run

dotnet publish -c Update

For more information on working with the template, see in your project directory.

Setup your own Pravda testnet

Configure initial coin distribution

Before we can to run a local node, we should build the initial coin distribution config.

pravda gen address -o my-wallet.json

This command will generate ED25519 key pair. It's a valid Pravda wallet. Now you can add an address to coin distribution config.

    "address": "address from my-wallet.json",
    "amount": 1000000000

Save this to my-coin-distribution.json. Now lets initialize node configuration.

Initialize Pravda node

pravda node init --local --coin-distribution my-coin-distribution.json

Congratulations! The configuration is written to pravda-data/node.conf directory (also you can chose data directory using --data-dir key). Now let's run the node.

Run Pravda node

pravda node run

Now you have our own Pravda network with one validator, and one billion coins on your account. Check out http://localhost:8080/ui.

Transfer coins

You are very rich! Now you want to donate a part of your wealth to some poor guy. Let's generate wallet for him.

pravda gen address -o another-wallet.json

Wallet for poor guy has created. Now let's copy that address and transfer some coins.

pravda broadcast transfer \
  --wallet my-wallet.json \
  --to <address-of-poor-guy> \
  --amount 1000000

Now the poor guy is not so poor. Great job!