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How to use

This project is based on cef-unity-sample


This sample shows how to use Expload platform overlay in Unity application.

For now this overlay renders Expload dialogs (transaction confirmation for example).

How it works

It consists of CEF(Chromium Embedded Framework) instance that draws page that hosts by expload desktop app and located at http://localhost:8087/ui/overlay/ address by default.

Page is drawn in Off-Screen Rendering mode to pixel buffer. OffscreenCEF.cs, OffscreenCEFClient.cs

It has special transparency overlay color, that is clipped in CefOverlay.shader. For now it is Green (0,1,0,1).


For adding expload overlay to your Unity game project: 1. Download expload.unitypackage 1. Add downloaded package expload.unitypackage: Assets -> Import package -> Select expload.unitypackage 2. Add empty object to your game initial scene and set Expload Behaviour as Script.

That's all. Now run Expload Desktop app and after that run your game.

Please note: CEF does not work inside IDE, run game via File -> Build And Run