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For your pleasure and convenience, we've developed the special sandbox environment of Expload Platform called "Playground".

You can use Playground for:

  • familiarization with Expload Platform;
  • developing Pravda programs and immediately deploying them on a blockchain node;
  • integration your own game with Expload Platform to give your users a unique experience of using an "open economy";
  • your wonderful and excited ideas here...

Playground contains the following main components:

  • Expload Desktop application (macOs/Windows versions);
  • Pravda blockchain node;
  • Faucet service.

Expload Desktop

You can download Expload Desktop for your operating system by these links:

Pravda blockchain node

API of the blockchain node is accessible by the following address: You should use that address in your scripts and when use Pravda CLI.

Comprehensive documentation about Pravda blockchain can be found here.

Faucet service

Faucet service allows to:

  • accrue some XPlatinum/XGold on any address, for instance, your personal wallet or address of the Pravda program;
  • add the given address to the whitelist of the XGold program.

Faucet service is accessible by this link: