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Term Description
Network Set of Pravda nodes connected via internet.
Node A software that manage Pravda blockchain and executes programs.
Mainnet A stable network.
RCnet A release candidate for the a stable network. May have rare resets.
Playground Special sandbox environment of the Expload platform. A clone of RCnet which resets every week. Made for developers' needs.
Testnet A clone of RCnet which resets every day. Used by the Expload developers team.
Stored program The program represented in Pravda bytecode, which has an unique address and can be called by it.
Sealed program The stored program which is not modifiable. The owner of a program can modify it if the program is not sealed (i.e. immutable). The owner of a program can make it sealed, but he can't make a sealed program modifiable again.
XGold Stablecoin. XGold is a cross-game currency on the Expload platform. XGold earned in one game (by selling obtained in-game items in the marketplace, etc.) can be used in another game or exchanged in the marketplace for items.
miniXG Fractional unit of XGold, equals 0.00000001 XGold.
XTrophy Digital asset for easy payouts to players. XTrophy is awarded to players by games and game services as incentive or loyalty points. XTrophy can be exchanged for XGold or withdrawn to players’ bank cards or phone accounts.
miniXT Fractional unit of XTrophy, equals 0.00000001 XTrophy.
Unity Popular cross-platform environment for game development.
DApp API API for games to communicate with Pravda blockchain.
Marketplace A trading platform for users of the Expload platform to buy and sell in-game items.