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Welcome to Expload manual for developers! This documentation covers everything you need to know about the platform. Here you'll find guides and examples of usecases to help you get started.

Expload as a platform

Expload is a platform for decentralized games distribution. Game developers can develop and publish games based on Pravda blockchain for Expload platform. Users use special application called Expload Desktop to browse, download and run games.

Expload Desktop

Expload Desktop is the main app for Expload platform, it allows to browse, download and run games. It also provides API for games to communicate with Pravda blockchain, this API called DApp API. API methods that run Pravda byte-code on blockchain should be confirmed by user, so Expload Desktop shows confirmation notification for every such method calling.

You can always download the latest version of Expload Desktop from our official site. We have versions for Microsoft Windows and macOs operating systems.

Running Pravda byte-code on Pravda blockchain

Decentralized games on Expload platform use Pravda blockchain for decentralized actions. These actions are written as Pravda byte-code for Pravda VM. Pravda byte-code can be obtained by compiling Pravda Assembler or by compiling C# ("Write your Pravda Program" section). For the examples of C# Pravda Programs you can look here (in the last section "Examples").

API of the public node of the our testnet is accessible by this endpoint: If you want to play with Pravda blockchain in the sandbox environment, please see this section

Calling C# Pravda Program methods

After obtaining and deploying C# Pravda Program you can call methods from it, the preferred way to do it is to call api/program/method from DApp API.


There's special tool for Unity that generates Unity code for creating and parsing HTTP requests and responses for api/program/method.

There's also an example of Unity project with sources generated by this tool.