Expload Development

A Development and Digital Distribution Platform for Decentralised Games

Your trusted tool for development of blockchain based games, a ready-made legal cryptocurrency solution and a new game distribution channel

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SDK for Rapid Development

A high level development tool aimed to facilitate the creation of blockchain based games

SDK Components

A toolkit for the fast and effective implementation of game logic on the blockchain, featuring a standard template library and a visual development environment

  • API

    A low level blockchain interface, smart contract interaction, authorisation and acquiring service. JS library for WebApps, integration for Unity, Unreal Engine, iOS, Android and other game engines and operating systems

  • Framework

    A smart contract library offering a wide range of functionality: analogue of ERC-20, analogue of ERC-721, auctions, tournaments, crowdfunding and hard currency emission. Framework also contains standard UI solutions for authorisation, acquiring and auctioning

  • Toolchain

    A visual constructor for smart contracts. Smart contract compilation and deployment utilities, C# and JS wrapper generators to directly call smart contract functions from the game code. Administration, telemetry and analytics tools for previously launched games

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Create decentralised games with our ready-made solution for blockchain developments. Save your time and effort with us

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Blockchain for Games

A blockchain devised for gaming applications: a special virtual machine, fast consensus and low-cost transactions

Legal Solution

Take advantage of our ready-made legal solution to get navigated through the crypto market


A new approach to games crowdfunding. Raise funds for your development through emission and sale of assets

Integration with Payment Systems

A ready-made acquiring solution. The platform supports both cryptocurrency and fiat payments

Open Code

We are happy to share: Expload’s blockchain code and Expload SDK will be openly published on github

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Blue Paper

Read our Blue Paper to learn more about the project’s goals and scope

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  • 2. Platform Overview 5
  • 3. Functionality for Game Developers (Tech Spec) 16
  • 4. Business Model 21
  • 5. Tokenomy 22
  • 6. Use Case: Crypto Citadels 23

Expload Spreads Beyond the Development of Blockchain Based Games

Site for Gamers

Game store, in-game item marketplace, blockchain enabled crypto wallet and much more

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Together with MRGV we held our first hackathon-conference dedicated to development of blockchain games

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